About Us


The LeClaire Civic Club is a 501C-4 Non-Profit organization formed under the laws of the State of Iowa and the U. S. Federal Government Internal Revenue Codes. We have a set of Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. Our meetings use Robert’s Rules of Order as a guide.

Mission Statement: The LeClaire Civic Club is dedicated to promoting civic involvement through services and projects which promote: civic responsibility and education; cultural opportunities for its residents; charitable work in the community; and other activities which improve the quality of life in historic LeClaire.

Membership: Meetings are on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. Membership is $8.00 per year. For information on how to join, come to our next meeting or contact Joyce at 563-289-4205. It is the policy of the Civic Club to invite all to join this organization, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, natural origin, disability, veteran status or political affiliation.

Objectives of the LeClaire Civic Club:

  • To assist those in need
  • To aid in the betterment of our community
  • To provide leadership opportunities
  • To provide social opportunities
  • To operate and maintain the LeClaire Civic Center
  • Meet new people
  • Socialize
  • Make new friends

75th Year Proclamation

At the September 3, 2013 LeClaire City Council Meeting, Mayor Bob Scannell commended the LeClaire Civic Club with a proclamation, acknowledging the 75 years of continuous community service from 1938-2013.


History of the LeClaire Civic Center


List of Successful Projects

The main goal of the LeClaire Civic Club is to provide and maintain the LeClaire Civic Center so that the citizens of LeClaire and surrounding areas always have access to a low cost rental hall with enough tables and chairs, a decent kitchen, etc. for whatever use they need it for. We provide many volunteer opportunities, leadership training, networking with other groups and town leaders, chances for normal everyday folks to plan, organize and implement various types of events, learn from their successes and their mistakes, speak in front of groups and still have time for social exchanges such as pot luck dinners, picnics, parties, etc.

Following is a list of just a few of the special projects that stand out over the years. Special thanks to Ron Leiby for compiling this list.

  • 1958 – the old dilapidated “Kitchen’s Corner” building was purchased and completely renovated into what is now the LeClaire Civic Center, a community hall used by a multitude of people and organizations over the last 50 some years. This was a major accomplishment that took many, many man-hours, and many, many funds. In addition, the Civic Club, which still owns the building, has managed and maintained it for the last 55 some years, with just hard-working volunteers.
  • The LeClaire Levee Pavilion: a shelter that was owned by the LeClaire Civic Club until 1998 when they donated it and the land it sits on to the City of LeClaire
  • Creating the major LeClaire Summer celebration called “RIVERESTA”, which preceded Tug Fest, and ran consecutively from 1941 to about 1980. The event, held on the Levee, included a major carnival, High speed board races, a semi-professional talent contest, and a “Riveresta Queen Contest”. (By the way, Gordy Pelo’s Wife was the first Queen selected!)
  • In more recent years, we ran a high successful event that raised almost $3000 for the “Save the Lone Star” fundraiser. It was a combination of a dinner, raffles, etc.
  • We organized a relief drive for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, which produced three flat bed loads of much needed supplies. We loaded the flatbeds and delivered them to Louisiana. Just getting them there cost about $500 in gas each trip. The loads included clothes, shoes, medical, toilet items, food items, etc.
  • We raised around $6000 for a LeClaire family that saw their main bread winner injured in an industrial accident. They were in desperate need of financial aid to cover immediate medical services. This isn’t the first time we have done this kind of thing for local families in need, there have been others, too.
  • We were heavily involved in the 2008 RAGBRAI end town celebration, which saw many of our members involved at levels from the top on down. Several members were on the Event’s main committee.
  • We have successfully ran Tug Fest Bingo for over 20 years.
  • Meals have always been successful for us, such as our annual August Pancake/Biscuits & Gravy Breakfast, our Annual Springtime Swiss Steak Dinner, our Apple Fest Walking Taco Stand, and countless other vendor type snack stands at various city events such as fish and chicken dinners, etc.
  • Co-Sponsorship of Trivia Night in LeClaire has been very beneficial for our club. Not only do we get to participate in helping to raise funds for many non-profit organizations and needy individuals, but we also benefit through the use of our building and the kitchen snack bar, which has raised a considerable amount of funds for us over the years. Just recently, when the opportunity presented itself, we decided to take over the complete operation of the event, which a little help from the previous chair. 🙂
  • Our year long 75th Anniversary celebration was a big hti for our club. We not only netted about 40 new members, but we also received a lot of good public relations, including an official Proclamation honoring the LeClaire Civic Club’s 75 years of outstanding continuous volunteer service to the citizens of LeClaire and the surrounding area. A copy of the proclamation was presented to our president and about 25 members who attended the City Council meeting. It is now framed and on display at the Civic Center.
  • We have sponsored or supported LeClaire’s youth groups such as the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts, Sea Scouts, Baseball teams, Local Youth Club (this was the group that worked on getting the skate park built in LeClaire) after prom parties at the high school, etc.

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